Cana was on an audacious mission to create the world’s first molecular beverage printer, able to print any beverage from molecularized ingredients from a cartridge mixed with water, sugar or alternative sweeteners, and alcohol or carbonation.
This beverage printer was designed to democratize small scale manufacturing of beverages, providing infinite choice and unlimited consumption with less waste as reducing plastic, cans, and CO2 was part of our mission.


The product team developed solutions across different touchpoints, and each of software platforms had different versions of each component implemented quickly.


We can partner with our Engineering team to provide design tokens, consistent components and ensure that sizing, color, and component implementation is consistent across platforms.

Cana Color Palette adapted for broader accessibility control and proper light and dark mode support

Updated Cana brand colors to have enough color contrast and a variety of tones of every hue for backgrounds, illustration, and brand usage.


I delivered detailed guidelines on component states, building specs, and usage requirements for implementation on Cana One, iPhone, iPad Pro, Surface Studio, and Web on a variety of sizes.
I updated our color palette and components to adhere to WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards through color contrast, correct component usage for screen readers, and standardized patterns to be consistent in multimodal customer experiences.

Cana Input Fields in various states in both light and dark mode

I defined accessibility compliant interaction states for text input, dropdown, and other form fields for Cana in light and dark mode.

Various buttons in the Cana Design System

I Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Icon buttons in default, pressed and disabled states used across dark and light mode.

Banners and Notifications in the Cana Design System

Notifications and Banners designed to work in both light and dark modes as well as keyboard navigation patterns, banner types, and when to use each type of notification.


These guidelines helped the developers understand all aspects of the behavior and implementation that could not be communicated through prototypes.
We saw a massive reduction in the quantity and severity of visual and interaction bugs after documenting and presenting guidelines based on each project.


I lead system design for Web and Creator Studio, and collaborated with our Head of Design on device and mobile system design work.


I collaborated with our engineers in organizing our design components in a file, including all states and variations needed for each version, and documented how to interpret components that required more detailed explanation.

Fun avatars we created to make the initial profile setup fun

Fun avatars we created to make the initial profile setup and usage fun and to tie the Cana brand back to the natural flavors we could emulate with our molecular beverages.