Cana was on an audacious mission to create the world’s first molecular beverage printer, able to print any beverage from molecularized ingredients from a cartridge mixed with water, sugar or alternative sweeteners, and alcohol or carbonation.

Customers develop their perceptions with beverage brands in the store and through advertising. Cana One customers see new beverages created in-house or through partners, and may have to develop their perception of the brand in the moment.


From pressing pour to printing the beverage, the Cana One can take anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute and a half to finish pouring these beverages. Users can feel this variable amount of time is long, can get bored or distracted, and forget to place their cup or lose excitement for their beverage.


Cana One offers a more interactive experience for viewing the beverages that are available, and the pour experience is an opportunity for each brand to How might we allow brands to express their identity during the pour experience, helping users get more excited about the beverages they can drink.


We designed a customizable pour experience where each beverage brand can add their own pour video or music to help describe the beverage experience.

At the end of the pour experience, we created a customizable countdown sequence that lets the user know their beverage is about to be poured.

Scenario 1
Pour a beverage with a branded video from Cana One
Scenario 2
Quick pour a beverage while browsing the catalog on your iPhone
Scenario 3
Pour a beverage without a branded video from Cana One


I collaborated with our Head of Design on creating the pour experience system, and the motion and sound patterns for the countdown sequence.


I collaborated with Head of Product, Product Manager, Head of Software, Head of Firmware for product definition and feasibility and presented final work to 2 in-house software engineers and an engineering team located in India.