Cart.com had merged multiple products together through acquisitions and offered an alternative for brands to have a comparable customer experience to Amazon through offering online store, fulfillment, analytics, inventory management, multi-channel sales management, and more.
These products were existing web tools that needed to be integrated across various systems, and since they were not built responsively we had gathered feedback from sellers that they wanted a way to easily access their business on-the-go and not always behind a desktop or laptop computer.

Existing Cart.com User Interface across products


Existing on-the-go owners of e-commerce businesses was our primary audience for the Cart Merchant Mobile app, and we determined these users priority needs were to understand daily revenue, orders, and visitors, be able to easily view and update orders, and be alerted when things were going wrong so they could easily fix the problem.


Cart’s current experience is not mobile-optimized and is not usable. Web applications prevent the user from feeling integrated with their business and taking advantage of location services, camera access, Face ID, and other native mobile features.

Grid of iPhones with Cart Merchant Mobile app screens displayed


I designed a mobile app that allowed merchant’s to quickly see their daily revenue, order, and visitor metrics and to quickly view, edit, and create individual orders.
Viewing daily metrics and editing orders solved two of the primary use cases we identified for our target users during the discovery and definition phase.
Scenario 1
View a daily summary of your revenue and visitors
Scenario 2
View and edit an existing order
Scenario 3
Create a new draft order


I lead product design to define the scope, user experience, visual design, and information architecture of the mobile app.


I collaborated with Head of Product and Product Manager on the product definition and gathered feedback from designers that lead other products as to the current state of experience and what informed the decision process. I reviewing mobile flows with my PM and Head of Product, as well as designers and engineering managers from web products to ensure that the interaction design and feature decisions matched their experience with how customers used our product and what was technically feasible.