Clover provides a point-of-sale ecosystem for small and medium-sized businesses, that includes hardware to ring up orders and take payments on, software that adjusts to their business need and allows the merchant to track reporting and sales on their phone or web browser, and offers an App Market where merchants can find tools that better fit their specific business needs.
Many of the apps on Clover’s App Market are built by external developers (second or third-party) and these developers decide on which apps to build and features to improve from their perspective of market demand and merchant feedback.

Clover Devices including Station, Mini, Flex, and Go cutoff midway to bottom of devices


The most recent developer survey found developer billing as the most disliked among Clover’s developer products. Developers complained that it was difficult to understand and use, they were unable to be flexible with their billing.
Broadly, developers were unable to understand where their money was, when they could expect their deposits, and to predict their monthly revenue with certainty. More specifically, developers felt charge states were unintuitive, charge types were not comprehensive, and charges were disconnected from intuitive merchant actions.


We delivered a redesigned billing section focusing on updating transaction and merchant states that helped developers be able to better predict how big their next payout would be, better breakdown which transactions were recurring compared with new installs or metered charges.
Our data visualization improvements helped developers see more clearly how variable their revenue was month to month so they could make better long-term decisions for their app-based business.

Angled MacBook Pro showing Growth Tab of Billing-Overview page iPhone 12 showing Revenue Tab of Billing-Overview page MacBook Pro and iPhone showing Billing-Transactions page MacBook Pro showing Transaction detail side sheet on top of Billing-Transactions page


I was the sole product designer diagnosing the cause of the problems, defining the internal processes and that needed to change and the features that were expected on the platform, iterating on and polishing the pages so that they helped developers understand their revenue and interact with their customers, and collaborating with engineering on delivering high-quality working web apps.


I worked with a Product Manager, Director of Design, and several front-end and back-end engineers to deliver this redesign. I also collaborated with stakeholders from our billing department to understand and work to improve our billing system processes for merchants, developers, and internally.